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Did you know there is a crisis in Washington state foster care? There aren't enough foster families for the number of foster children and youth who need them. I decided to become a foster parent because I wanted to help.

Shortly after receiving a sibling set of 4 kids, I was overwhelmed. Going from being an independent career woman to a single parent of 4 kids was a massive change. I became lonely, discouraged, and isolated. I didn't have time for support groups. I didn't know what resources were available to me. I needed time for myself, but I couldn't find respite for 4 kids pre-Mockingbird. The broken foster care system burned me out. 

But, this was all before I joined the Mockingbird Family Model (MFM) Constellation. Upon joining the MFM Constellation, my kids and I had an immediate supportive family and access to resources. Mockingbird gave me a community where I could freely talk about what was going on with my kids and be honest about what I was feeling. It became a place of people who understood. It became our place. 

IBy giving to Mockingbird, you erase foster parent isolation and bring stability - allowing foster families to thrive.


Adoption was not the original plan for our family. When that option was suddenly placed before us, we all needed time to adjust, especially since two of the kids were teenagers who had to legally decide if they wanted to be adopted. Our MFM family was a safe place to express our feelings about adoption and plan for permanence. Today I can proudly say that I have adopted 4 children out of foster care thanks to Mockingbird's support.

Mockingbird is my place and my kids' place for so many reasons.

Join me in supporting foster parents and kids, and make Mockingbird your place. Give Today!

- Julie, Mockingbird Family Model Parent



Before Mockingbird, I didn't have many reasons to live. I was really struggling. I had a lot of trauma from my past, from my biological and adoptive families, from all the foster and group homes I lived in. And then sliding into homelessness... it was a hard life and I often felt powerless and alone.

I was really struggling. I had a lot of trauma from my past, from my biological and adoptive families, from all the foster and group homes I lived in. And then sliding into homelessness... it was a hard life and I often felt powerless and alone.

I am no longer powerless; I've become a strong leader.


Mockingbird is a huge part of my life. I know so much more about my rights. The biggest thing now is that I know how to advocate for myself. At 19 years old, I know how to speak up and that people have to listen to me. It isn't just benefiting me; I'm helping so many others. I've become a stronger, more independent person.

In the spring of 2017, I advocated for the creation of a new program to help foster youth obtain driver's licenses. I testified in Olympia about my own experiences - never having driven a car before the age of 18, missing this rite of passage as a young person, and ultimately not being able to secure a job because of this. This bill was passed and signed into law by the Governor. My advocacy had a direct effect on creating this awesome program for other foster youth.

I love what I am doing. I love advocating for other people and sharing my story. Since finding Mockingbird, I fully believe that I'm a way better person.

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- Bri, Mockingbird Youth Network - Olympia Chapter


I've always wanted to be an activist.
Even since I was a little kid. Spending much of my life in kinship, foster, and group homes, then eventually becoming homeless - I've lived the brokenness of the system.

As a young black man, I am awake to the high numbers of other youth of color in foster care. From my black peers, they feared for me. hey urged me not to rock the boat or to try and change the system. From the white people running the group home, I felt their fear of me - my potential as an activist.

My life as an activist ignited when I came to Mockingbird.
Since 2016, when I joined the Seattle Chapter, I've been working hard on my advocacy skills and am now a Network Representative working at headquarters. I came here to learn, to make my own practice of making positive change happen, not just for me, but more importantly, for my friends, peers, and the younger ones coming up behind me in these systems.

Because of my experiences, I know what the problems are. And I have a responsibility to do something.

I cannot unsee the truth.

Before Mockingbird I didn't have a place to put my energy towards making positive change happen. But now Mockingbird is my place because it is where I am making change happen.

But I can't do it alone. This is where you, as a supporter of Mockingbird, come in. Together, we can transform the foster care system and end youth homelessness.

Join me and support Mockingbird today.

- Johnathan, Youth Network Representative