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Our Vision

For all young people to reach adulthood healthy, supported, and with full opportunity to thrive in life.

Our Mission

To improve foster care and end youth homelessness.

Our Guiding Principles

Our belief that all children need the same things – love, care, support and resources – drives everything we do at The Mockingbird Society. Seven core principles encompass our work:

• Children in "the system" are our children, our responsibility.

Programs do not create nurturing homes – dedicated adults do.

Systems do not raise healthy children – families and communities do.

Institutions do not change lives – relationships do.

• The most effective advocacy is innovative and collaborative.

• Families and young people impacted by the system play essential leadership roles in bringing about change.

• The only way to prevent future problems is to look for solutions that address root, "upstream" causes.

• Collaboration, inclusion – honoring all voices – is the heart of building a world‐class foster care system.