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What You Did

behind your shadow I stand and fall
it’s a tough battle in which I feel so small
my feelings you might think are dumb
sad, upset, confused, angry, hurt and numb
an ocean of tears hides behind this smile
tormented, trapped and torn my heart feels
13 years of adoption my heart is gonna heal
time heals everything I don’t believe it’s true
I know something time will not do
time has been flying for a long while
I’ve always been trying to show a real smile
one thing that hurts and I don’t know why
I’ve gotten over you I promised I wouldn’t try
you are a mother a mother of two
me and my brother I hardly know you
every night I think of how my life could have been
tears run down my face and the world starts to spin
these past few years have been really hard
for the rest of my life I will be severely scarred
its taken me time to realize what you did
tears in my eyes and you’re clueless it seems
there is a hole in my heart that doctors can’t see
I guess they don’t know what my mom did to me
if you want me back you have to prove
you can be a mom or me you will lose
when I screamed for you did you hear a sound?
I guess you didn’t ‘cause you’re never around
I will tell you something you can’t forget
once you hurt your kid you will soon feel regret
so when you need me I’ll hand this to you
a poem for you to see just why I’m so blue
and to tell you that when you weren’t here for me
I’ll make sure to be there for you
Because you have taught me to