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Chapter Voices

“What is one thing you have accomplished so far this year?”

Jazmyne Carlin - Everett Chapter Member

“I have become connected with my biological family on my mother’s side. I am doing well with seeing them.” - Everett chapter member, Jazmyne Carlin

Jaelyn Adams - Seattle chapter member

“I performed at the YMCA final event banquet and helped participate in raising $4.7 million for the year.” - Seattle chapter member, Jaelyn Adams

Eugene Baumgarden - Spokane chapter member

“I joined the Marine Corps and was accepted into the Independent Youth Housing Program.” - Spokane chapter member, Eugene Baumgarden

Bri Winslow

“I overcame a bunch of barriers and finally got into housing. Also, I was recently signed on to be a feature on a music album. Stay tuned for the debut!” - Olympia chapter member, Bri Winslow

Emily Freeman - Tacoma Chapter Leader

“I have started to bring awareness to the importance of the “one plant per person” motto, which fights global climate change.” - Tacoma Chapter Leader, Emily Freeman

Tionna Tillequots - Yakima chapter member

“One of the things that I have accomplished so far this year is getting a job with a church that I have been involved and volunteered with for 12 years. I have learned a lot and am very happy with the opportunities that I have been given.” - Yakima chapter member, Tionna Tillequots

Kylie McCroskey - YAEH chapter member

“Being happy!” - YAEH chapter member, Kylie McCroskey