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Children on the street slip through the cracks; state has misplaced priorities

The Seattle Times draws attention to the need for Washington's Department of Social and Health Services to reevaluate its priorities in order to better serve Seattle's homeless teen population.

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Foster youth with medical concerns to receive extended care

This article outlines the history of recent extended foster care legislation.

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Podcast: Why are black, queer and trans youth more at risk for homelessness?

Following the 2015 Count Us In survey, Steve Scher and Mary Bruno highlight the disproportionate percentage of black and LGBTQ youth who are homeless and unstably housed.

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Count Us In survey shows numbers of homeless youth holding steady

David Kroman discusses the results of King County's 2015 Count Us In survey.

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Activists, lawmakers rally at Capitol to end homelessness

Walker Orenstein reports on a rally that brought activists and lawmakers to Olympia, where they discussed legislation aimed at ending homelessness.

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