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Our Impact

We get results

We pride ourselves on our effectiveness. Whether it's changing policy in Washington state, expanding the Mockingbird Family Model across the country, or working overtime to secure resources for service providers on the frontlines, we are laser-focused. It's a challenge, of course. But gratifying, as when members of the Mockingbird Youth Network share their stories and lawmakers respond.

How effective?

In the 2012 Washington legislative session, young people empowered by Mockingbird helped expand state laws to compel safe housing options for youth aging out of care to 21 so they can pursue their education.

And, during the same session, we successfully challenged extreme budget cuts for efforts like the state's Street Youth program – programs that directly and measurably boost young people toward productive independence.

And those are just two examples of how we work.

We change policies. Lives improve. And we're all one step closer to building a world-class foster care system.