For The Mockingbird Society, 2023 is a year to reflect, rebuild, and reimagine—reaffirming our commitment to transforming the foster care system and ending youth homelessness. As we build our vision for Mockingbird’s next chapter, we are honored to uplift and honor the incredible legacy of Degale Cooper (former Mockingbird director and architect of MOCKINGBIRD FAMILY™), whose passion for the welfare of young people continues through her work as CEO of YouthCare, a Mockingbird partner organization.   

As a part of our effort to reconnect with as many community members as possible, all are welcome and there is no charge required to attend this event. To further support our community advocacy work, our suggested donation is $175. Donations can be made in advance upon registration or in-person at the luncheon.

We would be honored to have the opportunity to RECONNECT with you at our fall luncheon. Your support makes this year of reflecting, rebuilding, and reimagining possible, and we look forward to spending time in community with you!

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