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Mockingbird Times

July 2016

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Young, gay and homeless: Why some parents reject their children

In this article, Megan Gibbard writes about the disproportionate number of black and LGBTQ youth who are homeless. Read more... Link  


Meet Zack!

Meet Zack, our new Network Representative!

By: Zackary Zibrosky

Read more... Link  


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Mockingbird Society

At The Mockingbird Society, we believe a world-class foster care system is within our reach.

When we first opened our doors there was widespread belief that little could be done to improve the child welfare system. We disagreed. We said publicly that through advocacy, innovation and collaboration we can transform foster care – and the lives of the families impacted by it.

Our mission is bold, and some say it can't be done. But we believe permanent change is not only possible, but imperative. The accomplishments of young people like Samantha and Deonate – who testified successfully for safe housing for youth in Washington state – is proof enough.

Our name is as unique as we are. The great American masterpiece To Kill a Mockingbird provides our inspiration, our moral muscle.

Find out more about what The Mockingbird Society, alongside inspiring youth like Samantha and Deonate, does every day to change the world.