Art in Action Matthew Taylor Paquette

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Matthew Taylor Paquette


When we smile, we are hiding our struggles.
We are drowning out the sorrows of our lives.
Why can’t people understand the struggles that are in our eyes.
They when we speak out our struggles there is disbelief,
When we find that person who cares
there is still no relief.

There are unwanted travels to places unexpected.
When I thought I was the only one suffering:
There were stares of disbelief,
Whispers of snide remarks.
Imaginations: in my mind of my story
leaking through the cracks.
Truth be told there are people just like you;

Different stories, but the same struggles.
Everyone has struggles in life,
You cannot say yours is worse than someone else’s.
Little did I know my pain would turn to unexpected blessings.

When you think there is no hope —
Someone will listen;
Maybe not right away.
The ones that care will fight for you.
When it comes to the future they will fight twice as hard.
People will tell you that they love you…
But only the people that really do,
Are the ones who stay with you to
the end.

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