Reflect | Rebuild | Reimagine - A message from our executive director

Dear Friends of Mockingbird,

What a whirlwind of activity since I arrived at The Mockingbird Society a few months ago! The staff, youth and young adults we support, the Mockingbird foster families, our founder Jim Theofelis, the funders and donors, our wide breadth of community partner organizations, and our board have all been stalwart guides to me, ensuring that I prioritize my learning in these early months to lead with decisions rooted in the heart of Mockingbird’s rich history.  For all of you, I am incredibly grateful.

Proposed Changes to WA State Juvenile Justice Records Aren’t Radical or New – They Are Necessary

Foster Care in Crisis: MOCKINGBIRD FAMILY™ Offers Solutions

Child welfare systems around the world are facing a similar crisis - a lack of foster parents, overburdened social workers, and distressingly negative outcomes for the children and young people these systems are designed to serve. The idea of community-based care has been left out of the equation, despite the old adage – “it takes a village to raise a child”.