Our Collective Power is Strong

Dear Mockingbird Community,

We are in a moment of change. The widespread and continuing protests after the murder of George Floyd have pulled back the veil on the systemic and structural racism inherent in our institutions. The palpable grief and outrage felt within the community can no longer be ignored. The persistent devaluing of Black, Brown, and Indigenous lives is a pandemic. The loss within these communities is immeasurable.

Mockingbird Families Come Together in Crisis

In a time of crisis, Mockingbird Families find creative ways to support each other

It’s the first Saturday of the month, and my husband and I look forward to seeing the bright faces that make up our Mockingbird Family. Two brand new foster families have joined the constellation this week, and we can’t wait to meet the precious little ones that have been welcomed into their homes.

New Juvenile Jail – A Bad Investment

Last month, King County opened the doors to the disputed new juvenile jail. I, like many other service providers, had the opportunity to tour the facility. I noticed art, welcoming words written on the hallways, a library, a new gym advertising yoga classes and team sports, a computer room, a recreation room with games, and “real furniture.” This new facility, or “justice center”, is obviously embellished. However, hanging artwork and painting the walls bright colors doesn’t mask the fact that this facility is a jail for CHILDREN, one that is intended to take them from our community.