Meet Zack!

Meet Zack, our new Network Representative!

By: Zackary Zibrosky


Hello everyone! My name is Zackary Zibrosky. My experience in foster care began at the age of 15 when my mother passed away in her sleep. I had lived in the Seattle area most of my life up until this point, but was then relocated when I entered foster care. I enjoy reading, playing video games and spending time with my fiancée.

At the age of 16 I joined the Yakima Mockingbird chapter and became an active member. During my time in the Yakima chapter, I fell in love with idea that my voice could be heard and I could personally have a part in foster care system reform - up until this point I was convinced that DSHS and my social worker controlled my life and I had no say, I felt powerless. I had the opportunity to learn about and identify multiple problems with the foster care system while working with the Yakima chapter.

I am an advocate because everyone deserves a voice and no one should feel powerless over their own lives. I stand for equal and fair treatment of all youth in care. I will do my very best to advocate for all foster youth so the struggles and difficulties foster youth of today experience, the foster youth of tomorrow will not have to go through.

My main goal at The Mockingbird Society is to contribute to the efforts of building a world class foster care system, become the best advocate I can be, and to develop and improve my public speaking skills to better address and present my ideas. The opportunity to work at Mockingbird is amazing and I cannot wait to contribute my ideas and experiences to Mockingbird and their mission.