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Foster care is a scary journey for some foster kids. When they first come into foster care, they feel scared, alone, and worried. They feel the worst feeling any child could ever feel. And that is the feeling unwanted by the person they want the most. They live in fear of the future because of what happened in their past. They lost their home, family, and the way they learned to survive. They start to think that they are forgotten in this world. They go through so much judgments and broken promises. They are lost in care with nobody to advocate for them. 

Foster parents help us foster kids through the hard and easy times; they are always there for us. They welcome us into their homes, their hearts, and their families. They change the world of every foster kid in their home. They might be temporary in our lives, but their love is fostered in our hearts. They are strong when foster kids cannot be. They are there when our family is not. They help us through every sad, hard, and happy time. They are the hand that pulls us out of the darkness. They are our heros. 

Not only are foster parents heros; the people that advocate for change are heros, too. I belive it is important to advocate for change because too many foster kids are falling through cracks in the system. Every child in foster care deserves to know that people do care about them. These kids are haunted by the past and the state doesn't realize what is going on with us foster kids. You can help with that. You can advocate for change and help all of us foster kids that feel like we are forgotten children of the state. We want to change our future. We want to have a better future and we cannot do it alone. And that is where you come in to advocate us.

I have been in and out of foster care since I was five years-old. When I was not in foster care, I was on the streets. I was in a bad place. But now that I'm fifteen years-old, there is no hope for me getting adopted. But I do not care becasue of the people that advocate for me. They give me hope that I will not go back to living on the streets when I turn eighteen. The people that advocate for change and my foster parents are the ones that I have trying to make a better future for me and other foster kids. 

Advocate for change! You really do make our lives better!