My Passport to Success

My first experience with college was in 2015 a few months after I graduated from Black Hills High School. College was difficult to traverse and brought a lot of stress, along with the excitement of further education. The college I was attending did not have a passport person to support foster youth. Unfortunately, by the time I found out about the lack of support I was already struggling to just stay afloat. There was an error with my financial aid that was not my fault and finding my classes the first week on campus was difficult.


Later in the quarter my father passed away and I looked for help; that's when I found out that the school had no support for me to fall back on. I ended my first quarter of college only passing one class and feeling utterly defeated. When I went back to the same college some months later for spring quarter a similar story followed that ended up with me late withdrawing and failing yet again.

I struggled a lot in the next two years with depression and a severe lack of motivation to do anything. I had a lot of support though, especially from my aunt Karina, my uncle Pete and my best friends Jake and Guy. Being surrounded by people I love was a huge factor in me finally getting enough courage to push myself to go back to college. I got in contact with an awesome person from the College Success Foundation (CSF) and found out that I am in fact a Passport Scholar. Being a Passport To College Scholar I not only have access to funds, but I have access to a person on campus that is specifically there to help me out with whatever I could ever need help with. My contact at the CSF introduced me to the amazing passport coordinator at Tacoma Community College.

With the help of the coordinator, in a matter of days I was able to get everything I needed to get done, finished. I turned in my financial aid, registered for classes, and she gave me a tour of the campus and pointed out where everything important was; however, most importantly she instilled confidence that this time I will succeed. I am now a full-time student at TCC. I am taking classes I enjoy, networking, and making strides for my own success, and fully imbibing myself in my education. I can honestly say this would not be happening for me right now if it was not for the help I have received, and that I am continuing to receive from being a Passport Scholar and having a person available for me here on campus.